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Noble T-Bar Combination Lock NG05T Laptop Security Cable Re-settable combination lock for T-bar equipped products (classic security slot found on laptops). Comes with a cable trap, pouch and combination setting tool.

£29.99 Exc. Vat

Noble Classic T-bar Keyed Security Cable - NG04T This Noble security cable lock is compatible with the classic T-bar slot found on most Laptops. The NG04T comes with two keys and a peripheral trap to secure additional cables like mouse and power.  

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Kensington ClickSafe Combination Lock - K64678WW ClickSafe's keyless locking mechanism helps increase employee compliance. ClickSafe lockhead pivots 180-degree and rotates a full 360- degree around the cable for flexibility and convenience. The 12.7mm low profile lockhead ensures compatibility with thin laptops.

£29.99 Exc. Vat

Noble Double head T-Bar Lock with barrel key and cable trap SKU – NG04DHT

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Noble Double head Wedge/T-bar lock with barrel key and trap SKU - TZNG04DHT

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Noble Locks Universal Mobility Lock Kit - NG1514Kit The Noble Locks Universal Mobility Lock Kit - NG1414Kit includes low profile lock bracket with adhesive backing, Universal low profile T-bar lock with Keys, and Peripheral trap to secure charger cable. Lock can be used on Mobile phones, Tablets, Notebooks, Desktops, Printers, Projectors, TVs and much more.

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The four dial combination notebook lock protects notebooks/docking stations, desktops, flat panel monitors that utilize T-Bar style security slot. Easy to install. Reprogrammable combinations with up to 10,000 possible settings. Not compatible with new TZ or wedge security slots. SKU – NG37

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What is the difference between a Kensington vs Noble lock / slot? You have bought a new laptop and you need to buy a security cable: you may be asking yourself what type of security slot does my computer have: a Noble slot or a Kensington / T-bar slot?  What is the difference between a Kensington vs Noble lock. What is a Noble slot? We will explain what the difference is between a Kensington slot and a Noble slot and the cable solutions that fit.

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